Over the past couple of months, SGI has been focusing its traffic spotlight on impaired driving. 

Manager of Media Relations for SGI, Tyler McMurchy says this serves as a reminder that impaired driving enforcement happens year-round. 

McMurchy provides the results for the November spotlight.

"In November there were 342 impaired driving offenses. When we break that down it breaks down to 211 drivers charged with Criminal Code impaired driving offenses and another 131 were issued administrative suspensions for lower levels of impairment."

McMurchy says in terms of the numbers, they are in line with previous years. 

A press release sent out by SGI states other results reported by law enforcement in November included:

·         3,173 tickets for speeding and aggressive driving. 

·         277 tickets for seatbelt and car seat offenses.  

·         494 tickets for distracted driving, including 425 for using a mobile device. 

McMurchy provides some insight into this month's traffic safety spotlight. 

"Seatbelts and occupant restraints, of course, child seats and booster seats. Seat belts continue to be an issue, we see that with the November results. 277 tickets for seat belts or car seat offenses and that doesn't need to happen.

In addition, McMurchy points out that seat belts have been in the law in Saskatchewan since 1977 and are one of the quickest and easiest ways to reduce your chances of being injured if involved in a collision.