The street outside the Shaunavon Fire Hall was bustling this past Friday with the annual Hot Dog Day.

The event ran from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and drew in more than 200 community members, raising over $3, 000 from the sale.

Merrick Goldstein, fire chief for Shaunavon District Fire and Rescue, was pleased to see so many people coming out to support the community. 

“It’s going really good," he said. "Everyone's having a good time."

Additionally, Leona’s Baked Goods pledged one dollar for every donut purchased towards Shaunavon’s Fire Hall. 

“It’s slow going,” said Goldstein when asked about fundraising for the fire hall. “We’re hoping to raise money for certain perks and stuff like that in the hall.”

Attendees could grab a hot dog and refreshments, mingle, and check out the fire trucks.

“Thank you for all the support we get from the community,” Goldstein added.