Only days after being announced, an upcoming promotion at the SWT Lyceum Theatre has been sold out. 

The Silver Scream, put on in partnership with Dead Prairies Productions, will be a horror-themed escape room. Everyone who signed up for the available appointments will be put through a ringer of scares, screams, and frights. 

This event will not be for the light of heart, be an 18+ only operation. Hopefully, now that the tickets have been sold, no one gets cold feet before the creeping realization sets in that they are in for the thrill of a genuine horror experience. 

Organizing the master plan for the escape room is Devon Oman, director and founder of Dead Prairies Productions. He is cautioning the light-hearted away from a potentially overwhelming experience.

"We also have a warning for people that'll be going through our escape room for intense lights, gore, intense image," said Oman. "People that have claustrophobia, I wouldn't recommend it. There's blood, strobe lights, and tight spaces."

 The room will be a progression of puzzles that the group will have to work on together. Without too many spoilers, they will have to endure not only the setting, but possibly some of its inhabitants that will be seeking to stall, delay, and prevent completion. 

Each session is slated to be a little over an hour long, with the goal being to make it out before the hourglass runs out. 

Oman put this together himself and is eager to see if people enjoy the experience as much as he did crafting it. 

"I pitched the idea about an escape room to the SWT Lyceum Theatre Board," said Oman. "They actually loved the idea, and I started planning the plot."

There are some ground rules. Folks will have to respect the setting and do their best not to break props, decorations, or other implements. In the event that an actor jumps out to stir up a fright, assault is unacceptable. Fear can cause fight-or-flight reactions, but everyone will need to keep their reaction limited to non-violent responses. 

"I know it's a haunted house and the horror stuff is hard not to react to," said Oman. "It has happened in our past stuff. Try not to punch people, try not to wreck stuff, but have fun with it. If you're too scared, I would recommend not going to this one."

Once again, this event is sold out Everyone not attending will have to wait to hear from the brave souls who enter the Silver Scream on how it turns out. All the money they have paid will be going to support the SWT Lyceum Theatre, which is undergoing some renovations. 

Oman encourages others with ideas for events to reach out if they would like to help out with the non-profit cinema. 

"We're open to ideas that are unique," said Oman. "And as long as it helps out to raise money for the SWT Lyceum Theatre."

The Silver Scream will be scaring the daylights out of participants from April 4 to April 7.