According to Environment and Climate Change Canada, the weather today is ripe for trouble.

Not only is the southwest expected to average between 5 - 10 centimetres of slushy snow, but the system is also due to last all day.

On top of the terrible icy road conditions, the sticky precipitation is in perfect form to wipe out powerlines. 

Brain Proctor, meteorologist for Environment and Climate Change Canada warns not only of slush on the highways but of the possibility of it clinging to everything else. 

"With these kinds of conditions, we oftentimes see that sort of heavy, wet snow accumulates on those power lines," confirmed Proctor. "And then we start to see winds picking up. We could see some local outages associated with that."

Travel is simply not recommended today, Swift Current Online has received multiple news submissions pertaining to semi-trucks and trailers hitting the ditch due to the icy nature of the storm-drenched asphalt on the Trans-Canada Highway. 

"I think it's it's imperative to listen to what the RCMP are suggesting," said Proctor. "If you do not have to travel, it's probably best to avoid it until at least sort of midday on Thursday."

The system that brought the storm from Alberta is due to hold its course through the Swift Current area all day today and into parts of tonight. Not even Thursday is completely safe, as Proctor predicts flurries to come and go throughout the day, but at a far lesser degree than today. 

"In general terms, the snow will be ending overnight tonight, into early tomorrow morning," predicted Proctor.