After the City of Swift Current was recently denied funding from the federal and provincial governments, progress towards a new aquatic centre in the city is at a standstill.

The Southwest Facility Foundation is continuing with their momentum to fundraise towards the project, despite not receiving the $25 million Green and Inclusive Community Buildings Program grant.

Chairperson Sasha Godenir said while it wasn't news they wanted to hear it was something they expected might happen.

"The onus is definitely on the City to try to find funding; we are here to greatly support the success of the funding," she said. "What we found in other small towns and cities that have been successful in getting grants, whether they're provincial or federal, is the community fundraising behind the project."

So far, the foundation has raised over $700,000 through community donations, and they plan to continue connecting with community organizations and groups to reach their goal of $8 million. Persevering to spread awareness is the biggest goal moving forward. 

The immense support felt by the foundation so far is evident in its current fundraising number and conversations that the group has had with individuals and businesses around the southwest. 

"We certainly feel like it's time to build," said Godenir. "We know that there's failing facilities in this city, and we want to try and help our City proceed and move ahead."