The southwest's favourite high-end eatery has added another feather to its already plumed hat.

Harvest Eatery is no stranger to accolades, both locally and abroad. That's why it may come as no surprise to anyone who has dined with them that they have garnered yet another major ranking.

In a Big 7 Travel article, the 50 best burgers in the world were ranked according to various criteria. While most of the burgers on the list hail from metropolises like Toronto, London, or Hong Kong, the 26 spot was earned by Shaunavon's Harvest Eatery with their Harvest Burger.

(photo by Chris Attrell)(photo by Chris Attrell)

Reacting to the news, Garrett "Rusty" Thienes, who runs the Harvest Eatery as both Chef and Owner, was as honoured by the ranking.

"At some point in time, we're assuming somebody came through and dined, eating our burger and put it on a list to compare," said Thienes. "Being on the 50 best in the world, it is kind of stunning."

Theines was quick to thank the various agencies around the province that feature them regularly, helping to spread the word about their food's delicious taste and high-quality ingredients. 

While the ranking is a nice compliment, Thienes said he tries not to buy into the hype too much.

"We're excited, but to be honest, it's kind of business as usual," said Theines. "One of my things is not to read our own press too much and or to get too excited about what other people are saying and just try and stay focused on what we want to do and how we do things here."

That mindset seems to be working, as the Harvest Eatery has continued to enjoy success. Even in the smaller market of Shaunavon, their reputation proceeds them, with people travelling from far and abroad to come and try the Harvest Burger.

And while the highlight of the Harvest Burger is certainly deserved, it isn't the only thing on the menu worth trying. 

"A lot of people talk about the Harvest Burger," acknowledged Thienes. "But I prefer the Black and Blue. We have two burgers on our menu and it often doesn't get mentioned and I actually think it's better."

And don't mistake all the burger talk for their only options. Harvest Eatery has a wide and diverse range of menu options. One of the greatest things is their Saskatchewan-developed Speckle Park Beef that makes up their steaks. The breed of cattle was developed in Saskatchewan in 1959 and is produced locally to this day.

More Harvest Eatery meat(photo by Chris Attrell)

"I think it's some of the best in the world without going up to a Wagyu or something fancy," Thienes said. "And that's no disrespect to our Angus ranchers out there because we've got Black Angus for our brisket, but the steaks themselves are just phenomenal."

While they will be closed for this weekend, the Harvest Eatery is always happy to have people stop by to try any of their products, not just their world-renowned Harvest Burger. 

"I think we just want to thank everyone for continuing to support us," added Thienes. "It's cool to be on a list like this, but like I said at our last producer's dinner, if it wasn't for the people that come through the door on a daily basis here to sit down and eat dinner, we couldn't do a lot of these things and we wouldn't be on any of these lists."