Southwest Saskatchewan has been experiencing a notable increase in precipitation this spring, but its continuance remains in question. 

Maple Creek is currently leading the province in precipitation, with 43.5 millimeters reported in the past 36 hours, with several other southwest regions not far behind. This rain has been crossing much of Saskatchewan; received as a welcome change for many farmers preparing to begin or amid seeding. 

Teri Lang, a meteorologist for Environment and Climate Change Canada, shed some light on the storm clouds. 

“It’s certainly a good amount of moisture spreading over a fairly large area; most of Saskatchewan is getting in on the action,” stated Lang. “It's been a while since we've seen one of these. With respect to what's going to happen afterwards, we do expect this system to pull southeastward so the rain will probably taper off on Wednesday morning, and then we're looking for a Ridge of high pressure to build in from the West, and that will bring in warmer and drier weather.” 

The warmer, drier weather should allow farmers to continue seeding without interruption for some time. Other notable region’s rainfalls include Val Marie, reporting 33.5 mm, Eastend Cypress with 29.6 mm, and Swift Current with 20.5 mm.