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The Speedy Creek racing season continued Saturday night with a regular run of Streets and Hobbys at Kinetic Exhibition Park.

In the Street Division, it was a spread out winner's circle as Phil Zanger won the feature race.  Ron Dyck won a pair races including the Australian Tag event.

Dyck is still the overall leader followed by Barry Winter and Tim Stevenson.

Laura Peterson won the Street Powder Puff race.

In the Hobby Division, the #70 car driven by Kevin Funk had a strong night winning a pair of races including the Feature race.  Funk's night propelled him into 3rd overall.   Funk trails 2nd place, Jim Lockwood, by a single point.  Trampus Lacelle continues to be the overall Hobby division leader.

The Powder Puff race was won by Jen Schultz.

Next racing action is Saturday, July 22nd.