Local racing enthusiasts and thrill seekers are looking forward to the upcoming stock car races this weekend, featuring the Alberta Extreme Sprint Cars.

The races will be held on the track at the Kinetic Exhibition Park on Friday and Saturday, beginning at 8 p.m.

Terry Fehr, vice president of the Swift Current Stock Car Racing Association (SCSCRA), notes that the pit will be open for the afternoon until about an hour before races for people to check out the cars and meet the drivers.

"The Sprint Cars always bring in a really good show," he said. "They're a very wild-looking machine, I compare them a lot to a smart car because they actually weigh about the same; a smart car is about 1,500 pounds and the sprint car is about 1,600 pounds.

"They're about the same length, the only difference is the smart car has about 100 horsepower whereas a sprint car has somewhere between 500 and 700."

Fehr noted that the sprint cars also sport a wing on both the front and the top of the car to keep them grounded and can hit an astonishing 150 kilometres an hour around the track.

Admission is $10 per person, and everyone is welcome to stop by to enjoy the sprint cars, modifieds, minis, streets, and hobbies racing this weekend. 

"We really hope to see as many people out as we possibly can," added Fehr.