The province recently spent a little over one million dollars to enhance a feature on the MySaskHealthRecord app.

With the new Surgical Procedures addition, patients can see information such as a scheduled procedure date, the specialist/surgeon's name, the location and facility, and the status. 

Accounts will also contain information about surgical procedures performed from 2018 onwards.

Minister of mental health and addictions, seniors, and rural and remote health, Tim McLeod, announced the new feature on Tuesday. 

"This helps patients become more active in the delivery of their own healthcare," he said. "They're a better-informed patient, better situated moving into any surgical procedures [and] the delivery of their healthcare. As well it alleviates some of the pressure on the healthcare providers so that if patients have these questions ... they can simply access the information and the answers that they're looking for on the app."

The Surgical Procedures feature is accessible online and through the app for anyone who has a MySaskHealthRecord account. Patients awaiting surgery should already be able to see information about their upcoming procedures.

Individuals also have the option to sign up for push notifications, alerting them to information.

To register for a MySaskHealthRecord account residents need to be 14 years or older, a valid SGI driver's license or SGI photo ID, an active Saskatchewan Health Services card and an email address.