Tens of thousands of dollars were raised locally in the past week during Tim Horton's Smile Cookie Campaign for the Southwest Facility Foundation. 

Board members of the foundation officially accepted the whopping $42,414.35 cheque around 9 a.m. this morning at the Tim Horton's on Sixth Avenue Northeast.

Sasha Godenir, president of the Southwest Facility Foundation, notes that seeing the community collaboration and support for a common goal was heartwarming.

"This campaign was fantastic, we've had so much support," she said. "The news spread like wildfire and everybody banded together to make it happen and I can definitely tell that everybody wants to see this happen."

"They realize the benefits for the community, both at a physical and mental health level all the way up to a tourism and economic benefit."

With the help of local sports teams, groups, and staple community members, the amount raised through the Smile Cookie Campaign this year was more than double the results of last year's campaign.

Godenir highlights that the foundation has raised a total of over a million dollars in just one year, a significant step closer to their goal of obtaining a grant to build a sports facility in Swift Current. 

"We're here for the betterment of the community and to see companies like Tim Horton's rallying behind us and then the Mayor, the school division, the government levels, and everybody, it's just awesome to see that we have support," Godenir added.

Kori Getzinger, one of Tim Horton's owners and operators, was thrilled to see such an exceptional outcome for this year's campaign and hopes to partner with the Southwest Facility Foundation again in the future. 

"We were super excited to have the whole community rally around us and support the Smile Cookie Campaign," said Getzinger. "Huge shoutout to the community, to all the volunteers and Tim Horton's employees for all coming together and making it a huge success."