With consideration of its outstanding devotion to pets in Swift Current, Pet Value was recognized as such by Swift Current city council.

Specifically, Swift Current city councillor Ryan Plewis took the time to highlight the work the local pet supply store does to not only provide quality pet supplies but also to support the local SPCA.

He detailed how one day when he was washing his family's dog at the pet grooming station, he overheard an interaction.

A woman had come in looking to buy a puppy. The employee at Pet Value apologized for not carrying any in-store before redirecting her to the local SPCA. 

"They're not only supporting with actions but with words as well," said Plewis. "I just wanted to give a shout-out to this local business, and say that I noticed and appreciated their support."

SPCA animals like cats and dogs need homes, and by not competing in that space, they allow a greater opportunity for adoption to flourish. Not only does Pet Value encourage people to visit the SPCA, but they often house the shelter animals in their store to allow for greater exposure to potential adoptions.  

Pet Value was also complimented for their dog washing station, which for a small fee, lets people use as much pet-friendly shampoo and soaps while taking as long as they need to scrub their furry friends clean.