The City of Swift Current has nearly wrapped up decorating the streets and parks for the holidays.

Christmas decorations hang from lamps, Memorial Park is sporting various lights and displays, and Market Square has the City Christmas Tree standing tall and ready for tonight. 

Mitch Minken, the general manager of infrastructure and operations for the City of Swift Current, is proud of what his team has been able to accomplish so fast. 

"We started our Christmas decorating right after Remembrance Day," said Minken. "We respect Remembrance Day [and don't encroach upon it]. Then as soon as that's done, we start deploying all of our decorations."

The biggest decoration that city crews have to work on is the tree itself. This is an artificial tree that they keep in storage for most of the year. It can disassembled into smaller pieces for storage and is itself only a few years old. 

"This one is a fairly fresh one," said Minken. "I think we purchased this one about three years ago."

Upon it, people can find baubles and lights, stretching all the way to its cheery peak. Tonight, at 7 p.m., the lights will come on marking an official start to the Christmas season in Swift Current. 

Folks can keep an eye out for crews today and for the next while throwing up a few last-minute wreaths, garlands, and mistletoes around the City. By the time the sleighbells start ringing, Swift Current will once again be immersed in festive dressings, awaiting Christmas Day. 


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