The Swift Current public parks have opened their splash pads, just in time for the season of sunshine and swimsuits. 

All but one of Swift Current’s parks have opened their splash pads for summer, as the preparation work was completed with time to spare. Swift Current’s irrigation staff have gone out to all the different parks and ensured that the water lines are clear and functioning as normal.  

Michael Newell, parks manager for the City of Swift Current stated he was excited for the upcoming community events in the park. 

“We usually shoot for the beginning of June before Picnic in the Park, which is traditionally that first weekend,” stated Newell. “This year the weather worked in our favour, and we were able to get everything open and ready to go.” 

Parks in the City with splash pads are ACT Park, Saulteaux Park, Westend Playground, Rotary Park, Kinetic Park, and Riverside Park. Unfortunately, the waterworks at Highland Park are still under repair. 

“At ACT we had to order a part to get it fixed, and we still have some work to do at Highland,” explained Newell. “There is some electrical work to do on the controller that operates that splash pad, so we're getting that done right now. Our hope is to try and get that one ready to be open before the end of the school year.”