Tim Hortons' Smile Cookie Campaign is returning to Swift Current at the end of this month and will raise funds for a new integrated sports facility.

In previous years proceeds from the campaign went to Kidsport, however, with Kidsport Swift Current ceasing operations, it's the perfect opportunity to pivot towards the Southwest Facility Foundation. 

Albert Umali, general manager for Tim Hortons highway locations in Swift Current, hopes to see the community once again come together. 

"We are very excited about it, it's going to be bigger and it's something to look forward to," said Umali. 

He encourages people to stop by any of the three Tims locations in Swift Current to support the Southwest Foundation Facility. 

The campaign is set to run from Monday, April 29 - May 5 and Smile Cookies will be available for pre-order in boxes, ideal for an office, school, or gathering.

"It's going to be beneficial for everyone, not just for this generation or this year," Umali added. "Once SWFF have completed their goal, it's going to be a big thing for everyone in Swift Current."

Umali notes that they have predicted a significant increase for this year's campaign and are still planning everything out, but hope to have decorations set up in one of the locations for launch day. 

Swift Current residents who purchase a smile cookie can post to social media and tag @southwestfacilityfoundation and use #TimeToBuildIt and #SmileCookieSwiftCurrent.