A historical stone house in Swift Current, known for its rich history and unique architecture, has been given a new lease on life thanks to the dedication and hard work of local business owner, Lawrence Carr. 

Carr recently completed the restoration of the aging structure, transforming it from a state of disrepair into a tribute to Swift Current’s history. 

The building, located at 435 North Railway Street East, on the corner of 5th Avenue Northeast, dates back to 1883 and holds a special place in Swift Current's heritage.  

“It was an old historic building, only in the realm of that it's one of the oldest houses in town and it's one of the only stone houses left around,” Carr explained. 

The house before renovations The historic house before renovations (photo courtesy of Lawrence Carr).

Carr's journey to restore the historic property began six years ago when he purchased the building, recognizing its significance to the community. 

“It is mine, but it's for the whole community to take pride in, that we've kept an old building alive and not knocked it down, because there was a demolition permit for it back in 2012,” he elaborated. 

Over the years, the building has been home to a variety of things, including an Opera House and housing for RCMP officers. 

The restoration process was a labour of love for Carr, who has a background in construction.  

Over the years, he undertook various stages of the project, including reinforcing the structure, filling in windows, and adding essential features to ensure its stability. 

Door to an old stone houseCarr intends for the main floor to be used as a commercial space (photo by Ally Paige).

“As I could, I went along and I did different things,” he stated. “We just started with ripping out everything that was inside and went from there.” 

The restoration project was recently showcased during an open house organized by the Chamber of Commerce.  

Members of the community and visitors from out of town were invited to tour the newly revitalized space.  

“Lots of people came and had a look at it and were happy that it was done,” Carr explained. “There was even somebody that was from out of town, his aunt lived there or something, and so they came, and they were in town visiting. He is around 90 years old, and he used to be there when he was riding a tricycle. So, interesting stories and glad that they stayed there or came there and had a look.” 

Outside of a stone houseThe new deck can be removed without damaging the original structure (photo by Ally Paige).

As for the future of the house, Carr plans to utilize the space in a variety of ways. 

The upstairs unit will be rented out as a residential space, while the main floor will be designated as a commercial space. 

While he hasn't finalized plans for the commercial space, the local business owner is excited for what the future holds. 

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