An annual car show took place last week in Saskatoon, attracting many car enthusiasts, technicians, and spectators.

Draggins Car Show features a competition, Battle of the Techs, that drew in seasoned competitor, Austin Klimm, from Swift Current.

Klimm, along with his partner and friend, Jarrid Arnold, were ecstatic to claim first place this year. 

"The competition's just for fun for whoever would like to come out and give it a try," said Klimm. "It's not something I do in my profession but it's definitely a great activity." 

The successful duo have been competing at Draggins Car Show for three years, taking home fourth place the previous two years.

After Arnold's wife had participated in the Battle of the Techs, Arnold and Klimm's interests were peaked and they decided to try it out.

"Next year I'm definitely thinking about going back and helping out with the competition," Klimm said. "Then I'm thinking maybe after that year I'm going to get one of my little brothers involved in it."

Klimm notes that after winning first place, the individual isn't allowed to compete with that same partner again. Past competitors are able to sign up with a new partner or help coach the next round of competitors.

"The car show is amazing to go to every year, there's lots of awesome cars and trucks and everything like that to go see there," added Klimm.