It was chrome, patina, muscle and sport at the Living Sky Casino last night, as Tail Light Tuesdays kicked off in Swift Current. 

The event will be taking place every Tuesday this summer, being organized by the Rogue Cruisers car enthusiast group. 

Helping to head up the operation is Corey Schultz, who was at the show with his son's red, hot rod 33 Ford truck. 

Corey Shultz, Rogue CruisersCorey Schultz, giving the thumbs up to all the enthusiasts showing up for the event. 

"We're looking to have a group of car guys get together doing car stuff with car people," said Schultz. "If you wanna see some stuff or you want to enjoy it, check us out." 

Folks are encouraged to come out to the casino parking lot on Tuesday nights, where the event will be going from 6:30 p.m. till dusk. 

Cars in a lineA line up of the first few to make it out for the petrol powered evening. 

For their first showing, they had a fantastic turnout, filling up with around 50 vehicles. Turning heads with some rat rods approaching 100 years old and others bringing the newest muscle money can buy to the show.

Convertibles, pickups, and lead sleds could all be seen packing the pavement, with plenty of friendly enthusiasts coming out to enjoy the hardware. 

Licensce plate on a car that says "Fr1DGE"This plate was honouring the memory of one owners late husband, who in his younger days went by "Fridge".

There is no signup fee, with the show being open to anyone with a car they would like to bring out. 

Donations are welcome, with the money and items being brought in going towards local non-profits. This week, cash and items will go to the Swift Current SPCA.