The Canadian cattle sector was represented during the recent climate-focused COP27 meetings.

This year, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change also placed a key focus and emphasis on agriculture and food systems.

CCA’s Bob Lowe and Mitchell Zoratti participated in COP27 as official observers and as part of Canada’s official delegation and were on the ground to participate in the many discussions.

Lowe, past president of the CCA, says beef producers experience climate-related events firsthand and we work every day to continuously improve our working landscapes for generations to come.

Canada already has one of the lowest GHG intensities for beef, and the beef sector has set a reduction target goal of 33 per cent for 2030.

Lowe points out that as climate policy decisions are made, it is extremely important for producers to be present in the discussions.

"If we aren't at the table we become part of the menu and I think that CCA being at the table in so many of these things in the last few years has really led to people actually starting to listen on a global basis of the absolute need to have capital in the environment."

The Canadian Cattle Association released the following quick facts  about emission intensity reduction:

- The Canadian Beef Advisors established working groups to develop action plans and identify key milestones to achieve the 2030 goals.

- Specifically on emissions intensity reduction, we expect to see incremental improvements in productivity.

       - By taking a business-as-usual approach, we could see a 17 per cent reduction by 2030. To reach our 2030 target of 33 per cent, the industry needs major breakthroughs from innovative technology and in encouraging adoption amongst cattle producers. 

       -  Estimates on innovative feed additives that reduce methane, indicate a reduction in emissions by 8-11 per cent with adoption in backgrounding and finishing lots, representing one-third of our goal. The timely approval of new technologies, a streamlined regulatory pathway, and reliable access to the supply of these new products, are critical to the sector’s ability to reach these ambitious goals.

You can listen to  Glenda-Lee's conversation with CCA past president Bob Lowe by clicking on the link below.