Later today, something big is getting underway at the Living Sky Casino.

The Rogue Cruisers have been hard at work, getting ready to invite everyone out tonight for what they have dubbed 'The Big One'. They are setting up for what they hope will be the biggest Taillight Tuesday of the summer, sending the season off with a huge show n' shine full of everyone who has made it out throughout the year. 

Stepping things up, the annual Taillight Tuesday car show is going to have double the parking space, with over 150 cars forecast for the evening. On top of that, local groups and businesses have spent the last few weeks contributing prizes and giveaways for the evening, setting this up to be one of the biggest nights of the summer for car enthusiasts. 

Organizing everyone and everything for this has been Dustin Vipond. A co-founder of the Rogue Cruisers, he has been hard at work rounding up volunteers, securing the venue, and organizing all the items that have been donated for 'The Big One'.

"We shouldn't run out of space for cars," said Vipond. "It's definitely going to be the biggest one you're going to see."

Another individual who has been hard at work, helping out with the planning and operation of this event, is another co-founding member of the Rogue Cruisers, Cory Schultz. 

"We've got prizes for young and old," said Schultz. "Businesses just keep contacting us with more stuff. We're trying to get anybody that's ever come out to a Taillight Tuesday to bring their car out."

Tens if not hundreds of door prizes have been donated thus far, from dozens of local businesses. To get a door prize, all folks have to do is register their vehicle, obtain their window sticker, and place it where directed by the Rogue Cruisers. 

"It's been an amazing amount of businesses every day," remarked Vipond. "They are still coming on board and it's crazy. I've had businesses contact me that we haven't even solicited for door prizes. It's been really good, the community support."

As always, the Rogue Cruisers will have their non-profit group of the month at the show, accepting donations from the crowd. Folks are asked to stop by the tent and talk to the Swift Current SPCA, and possibly donate $10 to the animal shelter. All proceeds from the event will be headed to the SPCA, helping to keep the lights on and all the animals fed.

A big element for the evening will be the fact that the Living Sky Casino has not only lent out more parking for everyone but will also be running a charity barbecue, where the proceeds will be donated to the SPCA. 

The event, as always, will be free to enter, and free to attend. Beginning at 6:30 p.m., folks looking to enter their vehicles are asked to show up a little earlier tonight, to allow for time with parking. Anyone looking to volunteer and help out, be that directing traffic, helping monitor the event, or running some of the other aspects of the show, should also stroll in sooner rather than later to discuss it with the Rogue Cruisers. 


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