The Waverley Pickers, a band from south of Fir Mountain has just dropped its first ever original single.  

The band’s new single, Croptopnroll has been released on all streaming services, the first original song the band has ever publicly dropped. The Waverley Pickers have been playing in southwest Saskatchewan for several years now, developing their own unique country and folk sound. 

Kacy Lee Anderson, a member of The Waverley Pickers spoke to their first release’s subject.  

“It's just about us getting started roller-skating,” stated Anderson. “We live in Saskatchewan; we don't really have much pavement, so we have to travel to get to it. It's just a song about loving to roller skate.” 

The band has an interesting backstory, from playing as a volunteer jam band doing small gigs in retirement homes, to playing DollyFest at the Calgary Stampede in 2019. After they began covering old country songs, they felt they had to try their own work. 

“We just got really inspired learning those songs and wanted to write our own songs and ended up recording a few of those and they sounded a lot better than we expected,” expressed Anderson. “We’re very excited; it's pretty surreal. I've been working on it for quite a while and it seems like a big secret because we haven't put out any music before, but people seem to really be enjoying it so far, which is all you can ask.”  

A music video accompanied the local band’s first single release, shot on a VHS compatible camera for a vintage look. The artists act in the video in the Fir Mountain area, which is now up on YouTube.