Swift Current is expecting to get some more rain. 

This weather system has been circulating in the southwest part of Saskatchewan for a week now and is expected to drop some more precipitation on the city tomorrow. 

Even today, there is a chance of some rain coming in and washing away the sunshine folks have enjoyed for the last few days. 

Speaking on the formation of this system is Meteorologist for Environment and Climate Change Canada, Terri Lang. 

"Southerly wind coming up from the United States with lots of warm, humid air," explained Lang. "That's allowing for showers and thunderstorms to develop with no organized systems. It's going to be hit-and-miss sometimes at night when you get some thundershowers that are formed. It'll kind of form into an area of organized showers and give some  localized rain."

While the rain is a guarantee, the exact amount coming is rather hard to predict. The consistent rainfall that would normally be calculable hasn't been what this system has delivered, and the leading expectation for tomorrow is for intermittent rain throughout the day, leaning towards more than less. 

A rainy sidewalk in downtown Swift Current. A rainy sidewalk in downtown Swift Current. 

There is of course a risk of a thunderstorm and even of some flooding. 

"You look at that thunder shower that hit Regina the other night," exampled Lang. "The airport got 17 millimetres, and the stadium, which isn't that far away from the airport, got 30, almost 34 millimetres." That tells you how much it can vary even within a few blocks."

For now, folks can prepare for damp conditions and wet roads. Motorists are strongly encouraged to slow down on the highways and to hold off on travelling if they can avoid it. The intermittent rain last Friday saw reduced visibility and wet roads.