The Town of Shaunavon finalized its 2024 municipal budget on March 19 and is now speaking out about the federal carbon tax increase. 

Mayor Kyle Bennett is concerned about the 23 per cent hike and the local impact it has, including substantial increases in costs to essential resources like food, transportation, heating, power, and more. 

“We just want to identify some of the hidden costs that this carbon tax, how it's affecting us and our residents,” he said. “There's a lot behind the scenes that isn't being talked about." 

The Town’s utility costs for public buildings on an average monthly basis during the winter months add up to an average of $38,477.18.  

With the upcoming increase this amounts to approximately $6,500 per month being paid solely on carbon tax for the Town. 

In a media release, Mayor Bennett said that these numbers would require Shaunavon to increase Municipal taxes by 8% or more to generate enough to cover the federal implemented carbon tax moving forward.  

“We can’t raise our taxes eight per cent, that’s just unreasonable,” he said. “It affects us. Whether we cut spending from somewhere else or try and manage those dollars the best we can, it definitely affects where we're spending and how we're spending and what we can do within the community.” 

The Town of Shaunavon encourages residents who are concerned about the impact the tax is having on the local economy and livelihood to send letters to their local MPs.