Change comes with the cold, including to the routes open for seasonal weather. 

One group of affected highway pieces are the ferries at Lancer and Lemsford. Lemsford is set to close today at 12 a.m., with Lancer closing tomorrow for the season at midnight. 

Addressing the effects of these closures is Dan Palmer, a spokesperson for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways.

"These two ferries will be closed for the season," said Palmer. "Once that occurs, the highway hotline will be updated as each ferry is closed."

Each of these ferries will open again in the spring. They normally operate from April to near November, weather pending.  

"Of course this being Saskatchewan, weather can change very quickly," said Palmer. 

Palmer was unable to confirm any timeline for the Riverhurst Ferry. He directed motorists to look to the Highway Hotline for any updates on any route in the province. 

"We are shifting to winter conditions out there," said Palmer. "Please be cautious, take a little more time and check the Highway Hotline. If it takes you a little more time to get to your destination, it's worth the effort."


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