A sizeable unclaimed 50/50 sum from the Swift Current Broncos has made its way to the City’s Salvation Army Food Bank. 

A total of $657.50 was generously donated by the staff of the Swift Current Broncos, after the sum remained untouched since the beginning of the preseason. The Swift Current Salvation Army Food Bank received the donation, with open arms, as representatives have stated the need is still prevalent. 

Tracy Prang is the game day operations manager of the Swift Current Broncos. 

“It was an unclaimed 50/50 from our first preseason game of the season,” explained Prang. “We spoke with SLG who said we were able to donate it to any nonprofits, so of course, we chose the Swift Current food bank because we understand the challenges that they're facing right now with empty shelves. We just wanted to do our part and put that money somewhere fantastic.” 

This is not the first time a 50/50 cash prize has remained unclaimed, but Prang stated it hasn’t happened in a long time, as winners have a generous time frame to claim their prize. 

When prompted on why they chose the non-profit, Prang clarified: 

“The Salvation Army supports everyone in our community. They do such amazing things not with just the food bank, but with everything. We understand the challenges with the cost of groceries right now, and we believe that making sure that people have food to eat is a great cause.”