It was a pretty magical experience in Consul as the community turned 110 years old. 

From fairy princesses on unicorn ponies to giant semi trucks and tractors, the parade featured a wide variety of floats, marches, and carts. For a community of only 50 people, the streets swelled as hundreds came out to celebrate with them on Saturday. 

Consul Mayor Linda Brown was happy to see so many people celebrating her favourite place on earth reaching another milestone. 

"There's no place in the world I'd rather be than right here in Consul," said Brown. 

Starting in the morning with a pancake breakfast sponsored by North American Helium at the community hall, the next big thing was the Reno Rodders Consul Car show, taking place just across the street. 

"I thought if we got 200 people, we'd be doing really well," said Brown. "I'm pretty sure we've got more than that because we fed 270 for breakfast."

The car show featured roughly 75-85 vehicles. Some were your standard classics, while others were standouts even among the rarities on display. A few notables were a Rolls Royce, a matching yellow 1950s Chevrolet truck and Boler trailer painted yellow, a hearse, and a few old-school vans. The Genert Garage Gang also played during the car show.

A few of the cars on display arrived once the parade finished winding through town. A mix of floats, trucks, carts, cars, semi-trucks and trailers, and tractors, this parade was full of local pride and love for Consul. 

Brown herself was riding in the parade in her friend Larry's convertible Mustang, waving to the crowd and dispensing candy to the children as they drove. 

Kids came from in town, out of town, and all around to catch the sugary sweets as they were thrown from the parade. Some people threw whole bags of candy out, while others offered home-baked cookies to the kids who ran up to them. 

Once the parade finished, families could enjoy watching the slow pitch tournament, checking out the bouncy castle and bubble pit, or heading over to the street vendor market. 

"It's nice to see a lot of the young people coming back to the community and raising their families here," said Brown. 

The celebrations ended with a beef supper and a dance, with Tyler Lewis, Lisa Moen, and Garth Howell sponsored by TM Ag Tuning. Roughly 330 people attended the beef supper and dance.
As an aside, Brown has served as Mayor in Consul for 30 years. She plans to finally step down from the role this year in the election should any of the young people who live in the town step forward.

"It's long enough and I'm ready to turn it over to someone," said Brown. "If someone is interested this fall, I won't let my name stand. If someone else will run, I think I've done enough."