Local talent will be showcased at the Vanguard and District Music Festival later this month.

The event will take place at the Vanguard Catholic Church on March 25.

President of Vanguard and District Music Festival, Lorie Thiessen, is excited for the event that's less than three weeks away.

"There's a lot of people that are working hard with lessons and improving their skills," Thiessen said. "I think it's just an excellent way to give them an outlet to show their talents and what they've been working on and to celebrate that with them."

The wide array of categories includes piano, string, guitar, woodwinds, brass, percussion, speech & recitation, singing, and musical theatre.

"We also have non-competitive classes that are open to anyone and we try to open up some new classes to try to include as many people as we can, including singing in another language," Thiessen said.

To have a chance at earning a scholarship, students under the age of 18 must perform in a minimum of two classes of the same instrument.

"We have a variety of very high-level musicians and teachers in this area," said Thiessen, noting that even the Prairie West Band will be performing.

The deadline for performance entries for the festival was Feb. 1 with entry fees of $8 per solo, $10 for a duet, and $20 for a group, such as a quartet.

The various performances and Awards Night on March 27 are free for friends, family, and any community members to attend.

"We do ask that there's no recording during the performances," Thiessen added.

Interested volunteers are always welcome and can find more information on the Vanguard & District Music Festival's website. 

"Music is such an important aspect of community and it draws people together," said Thiessen.