The warm weather continues, providing Swift Current with some winter relief. 

While it's not quite time yet for snow, sleigh rides, and carols, the area has been observedly warm. 

Normally this time of year the region rests at an average of 0 C. The last few days have been several degrees higher than that mark, even touching into the low teens at points on the thermometer. 

Samantha Mauti, meteorologist for Environment and Climate Change Canada assures the concerned folks that it is still miles off the recorded highs for November. 

"They are quite above normal," said Mauti. "However, even though [the temperature] is quite a bit higher than normal, temperatures are still not even close to records."

The warmest day so far in November was Monday this week, at 10.5 C. The warmest day on record for November 13 is 21.1 C, all the way back in 1934. 

"Even the fifth warmest temperature for that day is 15.6 C, set in 1939," said Mauti. 

Mauti also highlighted how the next couple of nights may see some snow, but that it will clear up over the course of the morning. Even with lows cold enough for the snow, roads actually take quite a bit of consistency to get to freezing. 

Swift Current can hopefully count on the nice weather continuing for the next while. 


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