For the next little while, Southwest Saskatchewan will have to get used to the weather picking up the pace.

After a very mild October, the climate is set to ramp up winter activity, with temperatures angling towards colder conditions as the snow gets set to move in over the next two weeks.

Advising caution with the coming weather system is Meteorologist for Environment and Climate Change Canada, Terri Lang.

"This is when we get a lot of yoyoing, spring and fall," said Lang. "Just because the jet stream now is finally sort of in its usual position. It's a bit of a roller coaster."

As the ridge of high-pressure air that shielded the southwest from the majority of weather activity lets off, colder temperatures will start to settle in, bringing with them the snowfall that defines the season.

"Once the snow does arrive, it does look like it will turn colder," confirmed Lang. "Will it sort of warm up after that? That's sort of the number one question, and it's hard to answer in the southwest just because, especially at this time of year, you do get affected by Chinooks."

Chinooks, which carry in air currents from the Rocky Mountains, can affect the weather at any point, shifting temperatures, and bringing in brief reprieves from regular systems.

"Now it is time to get the snow tires on," advised Lang. "It's time to get the emergency kit in the car. It's time to get all your snow gear out to wear. Be prepared for winter driving conditions and get in the habit of checking the Highway Hotline before heading out."

During the snowfall earlier this month, plenty of people ended up stranded on the Trans-Canada Highway east of Swift Current. A simple check-in with the Highway Hotline would have revealed to many that the road has been flagged early on as travel not recommended, and eventually that the length of it from Swift Current to Moose Jaw was closed.

Be safe once the snow comes. Dress warm, keep water and blankets in the vehicles, and make sure to check the weather before enacting any plans for the day requiring travel.