Smoke is lingering in the air across the southwest today and could be sticking around until Wednesday.

As of 9 a.m. this morning, Environment and Climate Change Canada's Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) was recorded at 6 for Swift Current and surrounding area. 

According to ECCC, ratings of 1-3 are considered low risk, 4-6 are moderate risk, 7-10 are high risk, and 10+ is very high risk.

ECCC Meteorologist, Terri Lang, said due to the current weather pattern, the smoke is coming from both the Northwest Territories and British Columbia wildfires.

"Just the way things are swirling around, it looks like it'll be with us the next couple of days," she said. "Right now, the Air Quality Health Index is hovering in the moderate category–it may sneak into the high category, in which case a special weather statement might be needed, but we'll keep an eye on that." 

There are 241 active wildfires in the NWT as of this morning, and 374 in B.C.

Lang added that a new weather system should switch the winds to the southeast more, providing a bit of relief to this corner of the province by Wednesday afternoon. 


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