The small town of Morse is planning to bring in tourism year-round, with the announcement that the Morse Museum will be open over the winter. 

The Morse Museum features ten rooms with permanent and temporary exhibits that tell the stories of the people and the town of Morse through artifacts and historically significant documents. 

Rena Moser, the president of the Morse Museum, was a part of the decision to keep it open through the winter months. 

“We have Charles, who is an excellent employee and we wanted to take advantage of that and keep him around," stated Moser. “In doing so we're able to offer tours through the winter if people see fit as well. It allows us to maintain our building as well as our collection properly through the winter months.” 

The staff coordinator mentioned is J. Charles Griffin, a professional genealogist and a local area military historian specializing in Saskatchewan homestead records and Canadian military records. 

“Attendance numbers are what help us get the grants that allow us to stay open for the public to enjoy, so they are important,” Moser explained. “It's a hope that by choosing to try and stay open through the winter, we'll see some more positive numbers come through the door these extra months.” 

Open three days a week, the museum is funded by multiple grants and community donors which enable them to maintain an employee over the winter. This could also mean that the Victorian-era parlour in the museum could stay open to host events. 

“We're taking part in a Halloween activity coming up here where kids can come and answer questions and get treats,” said Moser. “It's part of a scavenger hunt the recreation board of Morse is doing and we're hoping to continue holding events and that people will keep walking through the doors.”