The Water Security Agency (WSA) has addressed the low water levels at Lake Diefenbaker. 

In a recent post on its website, the WSA revealed that the inflow at Diefenbaker is at only 28 per cent of its normal capacity. 

Typically, the lake receives 440 cubic metres per second of inflow. As of August 22, the lake was only getting 125 cubic metres per second. 

The post pointed to hot and dry weather in southern Alberta as the cause for this reduction in stream flows. 

In order to more safely manage to levels at Diefenbaker, the WSA has made the decision to reduce the outflow. It's doing this to ensure it continues to meet demands, as it has done so consistently for the year. The outflow as is maintains a stable rate for 60 per cent of the province's population reliant on drinking water.  

Swift Current Online will post updates on the situation should anything change or if any new information emerges. 


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