In an outstanding display of community support, three local groups came together for one significant donation to Dorie's House Treatment Centre.

President of the board of Southwest Youth Emergency Shelter (YES), Shaun Hanna, said the facility was in need of a storage shed for supplies, when they were blown away by the generosity of residents and businesses.

"We do a lot of recreational housing and support for our participants who are coming to us to deal with their complex issues surrounding substance misuse as well as our emergency shelter program," he said. "We have a lot of recreational equipment and supplies, general stuff that you would need to upkeep the facility."

In reaching out to connections and partners, Southwest YES was pointed to the SCCHS Building Program, which crafts similar projects.

After a few conversations with the shelter, the school group decided they would donate their labour in building the unit. Following suit, Swift Current Building Supplies provided all the materials necessary, at no cost.

The last hurdle was getting the shed from point A to point B, which required a crane to lift it over the fence around the treatment centre's yard. That's where Bacoda Crane came in, choosing to carry out the delivery for free.

"It's just a wonderful example of how our community steps up for youth in southwest Saskatchewan," Hanna said. "The only thing that's left to do it is wrap it with some siding, and what we're planning to do is actually use that as an opportunity and have our participants partake in actually wrapping it, so it kind of gives them a little bit of an educational experience as well."

He commended the three organizations that chipped in to make the shed possible for Dorie's House, as well as board members Tom Westbury and Kevin Hanna for being cornerstones of support and connection.