The results are in for the 2023 Wellness Challenge in Swift Current.

The challenge saw 196 participants in its 11 iteration, which ran from January 23 to February 19. The four-week span sees teams compete to garner daily points acquired through nutrition, physical activity, hydration, sleep and personal wellness. 

Val Choo-Foo, the City of Swift Current community facilitator, was excited about a strong turnout in this year's return of the annual healthy living initiative. 

"Lots of positive feedback from the team members on making small changes in their lives, feeling a little bit more energetic, focusing on health and wellness, and just an overall good experience," said Choo-Foo. "I always say that the best prize of all is our health and wellness. However, we do keep track of points for a reason."

Each week of the competition, prizes were dolled out to the leading teams. Contributing to these prizes were sponsors like Stride Physio & Performance, Evolve Fitness, the Iron Office, Central Avenue Physiotherapy, and Swift Fit.

For the second year in a row, it was 'The Village People' team of Riverview Village Estates taking home the grand prize. Their winning score had each member bringing in an average of 291 points. 

"[They had] perfect points for all four weeks," praised Choo-Foo. "They received $250 value that they can put towards equipment or fitness, any kind of health and wellness initiative that they want."

A survey handed out to participants after the event resulted in 95 per cent of them saying they would be joining in again next year. 

"Lots of good feedback to say that they're feeling better and hoping as they move forward into 2023, they'll continue some of those small changes," Choo Foo said. "We just want to thank everyone who came out and participated. All of our prize sponsors and the entire community who support this challenge that we've been doing for 11 years."