The Town of Shaunavon released its budget for 2023, with major financial focuses on paving, utilities, water mains and treatment, and sidewalk repairs. 

Folks in the area will notice a 5.5% increase in their property taxes, and a slight jump of $2.50 for monthly utilities.  

In a written report from the Town, Shaunavon Mayor Kyle Bennet said the cost of living was taken into consideration while still effectively managing tax dollars.   

“The reality is that there has been a dramatic increase to expenditures, including materials and construction costs, as well as in SaskPower & Energy utility costs due to increased rates and Carbon Tax,” he explained.  

With an operating budget of more than $4.9 million, and capital expenditures totaling over $2.4 million, the Town’s 2023 budget rings in at $7,426,051. 

kyle bennettShaunavon Mayor, Kyle Bennett

While this year’s Uniform Municipal Mill Rate will be the same as it was in 2022, the minimum land requirement is adjusted to $1,320 per residential and commercial property; the 5.5% increase in property tax revenues, with an additional 1% for the growth of the town through new developments. 

Another highlight is the increase in utilities—coming in at $2.50 per month, effective July 1 of this year, with a budget of $663,060 for utility operating revenues. 

“The total utility operating expenditures of $606,315 reflect these increases,” the Town wrote in their release. “With a capital expenditure of $974,375 budgeted to complete the last of the UV disinfection upgrades to the remaining 2 wells. Application for grant funding for this project is currently pending, with hopes of approval to help cover the costs of this major capital investment project. 

Town parks, facilities, and infrastructure maintenance are some areas that will feel big investments in 2023. 

Roughly $652,945 is budgeted to cover the aggressive paving and crack repairs/slurry sealing, $129,214 will be put towards sewer main relining and manhole repairs, and a budget of $46,000 is to be set aside for tree trimming. 

Shaunavon’s Wellness and Leisure will have $20,000 for exterior upgrades to Shawnee Hall, and the organization has applied for additional funding to help with the $85,000 project of replacing the boiler at the outdoor pool.  

As for the Grand Coteau Heritage and Cultural Centre, an amount of $10,000 is set aside to upgrade water drainage around the building, and will receive grants from the Town for their programming and outreach. 

An in-depth breakdown can be found on their website, as well as the detailed operating and capital budget report.