It's post-secondary application season in Saskatchewan for graduating high school students. 

CAA entrance scholarships are coming back to the southwest for the 17 year, helping young residents pursue higher education in the province. 

Christine Niemczyk, director of communications with the insurance agency, said the grants are available at the University of Saskatchewan, University of Regina, and Saskatchewan Polytechnic. 

"We've been helping Saskatchewan families for over 100 years," she said. "And since we celebrated our provinces 100th back in 2005, we took a look and said, what can we do to invest in our families and invest in their children to help them with their educational journey?"

christine_niemczyk_caaDirector of Communications for CAA, Christine Niemczyk

Scholarships at the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Regina are each $2,500, and at Saskatchewan Polytechnic, the CAA Saskatchewan Scholarships are $3,750 in total. 

Niemczyk adds that to qualify, applicants must be either a CAA member, or the child of a member. 

While the insurance company's part in the scholarships is huge, they aren't involved in the choosing of recipients. 

"We do not necessarily look at all the applicants here--we leave that to the three institutions," she explained. "They will review the applicants and deal with the applicants one-on-one. CAA's role is to offer that financial assistance to Saskatchewan students who are graduating, to let them know that this opportunity is there, to apply for those if it's of interest.

"We do know at this time of year, that's when graduating students are busy looking at scholarships and other opportunities for them to continue their educational journey. And we do have the scholarships available for CAA staff as well."

Niemczyk directed folks to their website for more information on becoming a member.

Details on the scholarship program can be found here.