Convicted Canadian sex offender, Benjamin Martin Moore, who is currently facing charges on both sides of the border, recently pled not guilty to his charges in South Dakota. 

Moore, who resided in Eastend at the time, became a focal point of RCMP efforts in early August 2022, after an amber alert was released involving his common-law partner's children. 

He is alleged to have driven through a barbed wire fence with the two children and their mother at the international border crossing straight south of Climax. 

Moore was arrested two days later after he was identified in a campground near Sturgis, S.D., where he was staying with the woman and children. 

The children, a seven-year-old girl and an eight-year-old boy, were recovered safely by law enforcement officers during the arrest. 

In Saskatchewan, Moore is facing one charge of breach of a weapons prohibition order and one charge of failing to report information to a registration center within seven days after a change of main or secondary residence, as required by the Sex Offender Information Registration Act. 

In South Dakota, Moore is facing charges of possession of child pornography and transportation of illegal alien. 

Moore remains in custody in South Dakota. There is no word as of now on his extradition to Canada to face charges. 

He is scheduled to go to trial in the United States in June.