Central School’s senior Middle Years girls' volleyball team has officially made history as the first-ever league champions in anything throughout the school’s century-long history. 

Last night, these girls brought home the banner and won the City League Championship for the first time in Central School's history. They did more than simply pull through in the end, however, as the team also went undefeated throughout the entire season. 

Natasha Jahnke, coach of the senior Middle Years girls’ volleyball team takes a lot of pride in her team. 

We just really wanted to give a big shout-out to them, we're just so proud and the school definitely deserves this banner,” expressed Jahnke. “When I saw the talent last season, as these girls were in grade seven, I just knew that Devin Loeppky and I could build this team and become successful like they did this year. It's just an amazing feeling and we're just so proud of these girls.” 

Jahnke began her office managerial position with the school just over a year ago, but she has been coaching volleyball for about 17 years. 

“The league championships have been going on for 22 years and this will be the first time that Central has won it,” explained Jahnke. “But in all of Central School's history, and it's over 100 years old; there has never been a championship won before. It's pretty big news and a lot of pride going on right now.” 

Jahnke thanked the support of the staff and the students who came out to watch it, as well as all the help from parents. 

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