Members and staff of the Swift Current & District Chamber of Commerce will soon have the opportunity to attend an upcoming speaker session on mental health in the workplace.


Chamber CEO Karla Wiens provides more details on the event taking place on June 23rd.


"These first two sessions are really about how to talk to people about mental health. It is not a skill that we are inherently equipped with. So these first two sessions are going to be really about how to be open and have those conversations."


The event is being held at the Living Sky Casino Events Center and doors open at 11:00am with the first session entitled "Supporting Others Within Your Means" beginning at 11:30am followed by lunch and then a second session called "Supportive Leadership Practical Applications For Tough Talks."


Wiens adds that they are always seeking to add value to their membership, and they did a survey and talked to members and it was obvious that mental health is wearing on everyone these days and we are all mentally fragile.


The chamber offers various webinars/lunch & learns on various topics based on what membership will find relevant.


Wiens discusses the benefits for those attending.


"Learning how to recognize if someone is struggling in any way, shape or fashion, how to open up that conversation and how to direct them to appropriate resources or provide a shoulder or ear."


Wiens adds that the end goal is to stress the importance of having these conversations and the objective is to provide assistance and recognize how we can offer or direct people to support if and when they need it.


This speaker series will improve people's skill set and if they feel comfortable having those conversations, they are more likely to happen, says Wiens.


Chamber members and staff can register for the June 23rd event here


After the event on June 23rd the next one will be taking place on September 22nd and will surround the topics of conflict resolution and fostering resiliency .