Update - 10:30 a.m. Thursday, March 12. The Government of Saskatchewan announces the first case of presumptive coronavirus in Saskatchewan, detected in Saskatoon. The individual is in their 60s and recently travelled to Egypt. More to come.

The City of Swift Current stated in a release yesterday afternoon that essential services are ready for the unlikely event that COVID-19 makes landfall in the city. They did so while stressing that the announcement was not a cause for alarm.

They say that they have created a plan to enact in the event an outbreak of the virus is declared in the area.

Tim Marcus, the chief administrative officer of the City of Swift Current, stated in the release that due diligence was being carried out on their part.

"While all the information that we have received from the Public Health Agency of Canada indicates that the risk of spread is very low in our region, we have a plan in place to guarantee things like running water, power, our sewer systems and fire protection remain in place in the unlikely event that we are impacted locally. Our duty as a Municipal Government is to be proactive and to plan for the worst-case scenario, allowing us to eliminate risk to the essential services that we provide to our citizens."

At the end of the release, information on what to do if you get sick was given, citing the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Government of Saskatchewan websites for tips.

They also said if you have travelled abroad and have gone on to have difficulty breathing, a fever or cough, you should isolate yourself in your home and call either your health care provider or public health authority.

Calling ahead to a health care professional to inform them you have a respiratory illness if you must make a visit was also advised.

All staff were encouraged to wash their hands well and often, follow coughing and sneezing etiquette, and stay home if they are sick.