The City of Swift Current has come to a fire and rescue agreement with perhaps the most obvious of partners, the Rural Municipality of Swift Current No. 137. 

While it might seem like a given that aid would be exchanged between the two entities, there is still a set of binding agreements that have been signed to ensure that the aid is provided at an agreeable rate and that the services required are laid out. 

Ryan Hunter, Fire Chief for Swift Current, was the representative at this week's city council meeting responsible for the agreement report. He put forward that the previous agreement between the City and the RM should be renewed, with a few amendments. 

"The subsequent sections outline key components, including definitions, general statements, mutual aid commitments, financial arrangements, and indemnification provisions," said Hunter. "Collectively, these elements are strategically designed to foster effective and coordinated emergency response efforts."

While most financials and agreements will remain the same as in the previous arrangements, there are a few updated costs noted. 

Hazmat and all response unit fees will be increasing by $100 per year. Fire investigation and inspections will be going up by $50 in the new contract. 

For the full report and a list of service prices, check out the report on the City of Swift Current Website.