Tompkins has hosted a Country Carnival and Halloween dance, keeping the village occupied all day with fun and varying autumn activities. 

The trade show and carnival ran from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and was followed by supper and a dance which featured a costume contest and live and silent auctions. The event was a combined effort of the Tompkins Library and the Village of Tompkins to raise money for the operating costs of the library and to pay for the upgrade of the village’s water treatment plant. 

Cody Forsyth, the branch librarian in Tompkins, helped organize the event. 

“You always have to compete with other events going on so hopefully next year we'll have an even bigger turnover, but it went fairly well,” stated Forsyth. “We had a bunch of kids come and they had lots of games to play the carnival part during the day...Everybody that came seemed to participate was dressed up; it was fun.” 

Attendance was good, and the funds raised from all the entertainment amounted to over $10,000. 

The event saw donations from multiple local businesses, in both the form of money and prizes. The food was donated as well, some of which was able to carry over from the chili cook-off Tompkins hosted the night before. The winner of the chili cook-off was Darrell Wells, a local town councillor. 

“We had a lot more kids than we normally do because of the carnival events that we had,” said Forsyth. “We all had fun. We're hoping to do something just as fun next year, and hopefully, everybody can schedule us into their calendars.” 

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