The 'Road to 2050' will focus on innovation, research and beneficial management practices, representing a practical and proactive approach to tackling climate change. 

CropLife Canada president and CEO Pierre Petelle says Canadian farmers are global leaders in sustainability.

"From seed technology to the pest control tools that protect crops, the plant science industry is committed to providing solutions that support Canadian farmers as they work  to address the global challenges of food security, climate change and sustainability."

GGC chair Andre Harpe says CropLife Canada’s insights will be invaluable as they develop the ‘Road to 2050’ recommendations.  

"Advancements in plant science are the backbone of innovation and growth.  Farmers have always known that productivity and sustainability must go hand in hand. The plant science industry is a leader in sustainable intensification."

Petelle says enabling innovation will help us advance food production, food security, Canada's economic growth and environmental stewardship.

The recommendations from the 'Road to 2050' initiative will guide government policies and programming directed at Canada's grains sector.  

CropLife Canada joins other industry partners on the "Road to 2050" climate solution initiative including Corteva Agriscience, Fertilizer Canada and Cereals Canada. 

Harpe says they are leveraging the experience and expertise of our industry partners and advisory council to develop climate solutions that unleash the grain sector's full potential," says Harpe. "CropLife Canada brings a wealth of knowledge to the table and will be a valuable voice on the 'Road to 2050.'