Over half a million dollars has recently been granted to the Town of Eatonia for a rehabilitation project that will reline about 15 blocks of 68-year-old sewer lines. 

The funding comes from both the federal and provincial governments as a part of a significant investment into green infrastructure projects. 

Cheryl Bailey, administrator for the Town of Eatonia, is excited to be able to improve the community and is looking forward to beginning construction this April.

"The lines are past their life expectancy, they were installed in the mid-1950s," said Bailey. "The life expectancy is 50 years."

The federal government is funding $393,592 and the provincial government is allocating $327,961 while Eatonia must provide $262,427 of the funding.

"We have some funds set aside in a utility reserve and our capital trust fund," Bailey noted when asked how the Town planned to fulfill their portion of the funding. 

"We also implemented, last year as of July 1, an infrastructure fee to all properties in town so we'll be using some of that money too."

New Line Trenchless Technologies is an Alberta-based company with a shop as close as Eston, that has been contracted to take on the project.

Bailey highlights that completing this sewer line project would open up possibilities for the Town of Eatonia to focus on other projects such as paving.

"Thank you to the federal and provincial governments for helping us to fund this project, it'll be a great asset to our community," said Bailey.