With the melting snow and almost warm temperatures, the fog has decided to cling to the southwest.

Swift Current and the surrounding area have endured the fog this morning. It has covered, blocked, and hidden anything in the distance, making roads less than ideal, and slowing down many morning commutes. 

According to Environment and Climate Change Canada Meteorologist, Terri Lang, the source of this fog is the changing season and the melting of the snow. 

"There's a lot of moisture sitting around in the low levels because of that melting snow," said Lang. "When the slightly cooler air mixes with all that moisture, that's when the fog happens."

Lang reckoned that the fog should be clearing up this afternoon, as things warm up. 

She also clarrified a detail related to an old wives tale. The old story goes that when you see fog, it means you will get rain in 90 days. 

"There's no scientific basis for that," dispelled Lang. "So people don't have to worry about that."

Due to the fog currently coating anything and everything outside, the below-freezing temperatures make it a little more dangerous. Anything the water droplets in the air collide with will be quickly coated in ice. This makes things like roads, sidewalks, walkways, and other outdoor surfaces slippery. 

Before travelling, folks would do well to check the Highway Hotline. Venturing out into the fog won't only mean low visibility, but also slippery asphalt in these conditions.