The radio landscape in Swift Current is about to change. 

Our local radio stations have continually championed our communities, providing local information and a platform for community voices and organizations.

That, along with entertaining hosts, great music and relevant daily news coverage. That will continue to be better than ever.

What will change will be exciting for Swift Current and Southwest Saskatchewan! We are excited to share and unveil these changes tomorrow morning. 

Swift Current Station Manager Morgan Butler.

"This is something that our audience has asked for for a very long time. Our listeners are going to be so excited, business owners are going to be excited and it's something that we are just thrilled about."

Along with these changes, we will continue our ongoing commitment to both remaining and growing as our community's leading sources of local information. 

Stay tuned tomorrow morning for more details. 


In response to Canada's Online News Act and Meta (Facebook and Instagram) removing access to local news from their platforms, Swift Current Online encourages you to get your news directly from your trusted source by bookmarking this page and downloading the Swift Current Online app.