The air will be a buzz this week in the southwest as helium surveys get underway.

Helicopters may be seen overhead in the next day or so as crews get set up to survey the area around Swift Current for helium deposits. 

This program is being conducted by Royal Helium, who are looking to set up shop in the southwest as the burgeoning industry of helium liquefication is coming into demand.

Shane Neigum, chief operating officer for Royal Helium, is eager to get the work started.

"These are big dollars being spent by us and others in the southwest," said Neigum. "We're excited to continue development."

Crews will be utilizing aeromagnetic surveys, which operate by identifying locations with deep-seated basement structures in the crystalline basement. 

"As we identify those deep features," explained Neigum. "Then we can turn around and buy seismic over top of the honed-in areas of interest." 

Royal Helium is interested in setting up shop in the southwest, as there is plenty of nearby activity already in the field. Knowing that there is helium to be found here, Royal has expressed great interest in constructing their liquefaction facility in the Swift Current area.

"It's a smaller city right in the mix of the major highways, and you're pretty close to America," said Neigum. "It's what we deem as a pretty good 'X' on the map to build a high dollar facility that will pump out a lot of revenue for the province."

Neigum himself has plenty of experience in Swift Current, as he formerly played for the Swift Current Legionnaires. 

Surveys will be conducted around Shaunavon, Val Marie, Climax, and other areas across the southwest.

"We've had a lot of great success to date, so we hope to continue that on and keep people working, keep the oil field services working in the area," said Neigum. "That's been fairly quiet. I know a lot of the local services sure appreciate this extra revenue they get from a bit of a different index."