A handful of retired teachers celebrate the first week of school in a unique way each time it rolls around in Swift Current.

The one constant tradition for To Hell with the Bell is to meet for breakfast and a round of golf at the Chinook Golf Course Clubhouse, which they follow up with an activity. 

This year, the group signed up for the Swift Current Museum’s Historical Downtown Walking Tour, spending last Thursday learning about local history.

Chairperson of the Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan Swift Current Chapter, Gail Wesolowski, registered the group of 12 for the walk, ranging from their first year of retirement to having retired 23 years ago.

"To Hell with the Bell, this is it's 29th year," she said. "It was started by one of our [long-time] members and it's been probably our most successful event of the year."

walking tour - retired teachers 6 - corla rokochy

Wesolowski's career started in the 70s, later retiring from what was the Herbert School Division, now part of Chinook and Prairie South.

She said the weather was perfect to spend time wandering the streets downtown, adding that they all learned something new.

walking tour - retired teachers - corla rokochy

Something different happened this go-around for the museum's tour though, that gave an inside look into the past and present life of the buildings and adding a depth to the experience. 

Two local business owners spontaneously joined in on the trek to share their own knowledge.

Katie Taylor of Fusion and Lawrence Carr of Sign Here Signs told the group of what the buildings previously had been, and the work they're doing to revitalize them today.

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