Eric the Juggler has taken the Culture Stage at Frontier Days by storm and continues to draw crowds with various talents and comedic prowess. 

Much of the year Eric is a teacher, but when summer comes, he hits the road with the West Coast Amusements. He loves to share his talents with people of all ages and from all walks of life. His shows consist of daring juggling, diablo skills and sleight of hand. 

“Pre-COVID, I picked a different region of the country every year,” stated the juggler. “One year I was in southern Ontario, another year in northern Ontario, Manitoba, northern Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and another year I was in northern B.C.” 

Now, the impressive shows remain primarily in the prairie provinces. Eric has proven his effortless skill in juggling almost anything, from flaming batons to axes, knives and even chainsaws.  

“Cell phones didn't exist yet, so that helped a lot,” he said. “I just really enjoyed juggling, then people said I should put a hat down, so I put a hat down and started making money. Then people were like, you should get paid for this, so I started asking to get paid for it, and then I got paid for it. It’s the dream.” 

Eric will be wandering the Frontier Days fairgrounds all day today, with intermittent shows at the culture stage and the family fun zone.