Gas prices have dropped substantially in the last couple weeks, with Saskatchewan residents now paying an average of 139.9 cents per litre at the pumps.

Dan McTeague, the president of Canadians for Affordable Energy, said one reason for the drop is the fact that refineries have caught up to demand, leading to adequate supply.

"These (prices) are probably as good as it gets for gas prices," McTeague said. "It costs most gas stations about a $1.22 to buy their fuel today here in Saskatchewan. So, if you're able to get 137, 139, you're not doing too bad. Some places are much higher than that."

McTeague also had some insight into what the next month might look like, and it's good news if you're planning on travelling for the holidays.

"I think the short term is that we're going to be seeing prices remain here," he said. "The market is just too panicked over irrelevant headlines like interest rates and COVID lockdowns in China."

"What you see is what you're going to be paying for come this Christmas holiday weekend right into the first few days heading into the New Year. Longer term, these prices won't hold below a $1.40 come the end of January, so we have a bit of time. In a month from now, we may be talking a very different game, with prices moving up as much as five or 10 cents a litre net."

But McTeague said the big picture is still very positive.

"Considering where we were six months ago, pushing almost two dollars a litre, it's quite a savings. This really is a bit of a gift...take it while we can get it."